Rated Sexual

Rated Sexual

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King By DaddyGeem Updated May 15, 2016

Homophobes beware. Gay sex. Penis. Blow jobs. Yum. 

Rated Porn. Jk. It's Rated R. ;D

Please do nothing but get wet and bothered. 

If you don't I'll take as an insult ;~; 

Good Luck staying dry :D

One shots of course. Send in ideas :) they are always welcome! 



DYODORO1127 DYODORO1127 May 21, 2016
What the hahaha i thought . Its just me .. when the names tao, chansung hahaha and then taecyeon haha 😂
ebott001 ebott001 Jan 28, 2016
I got wet in the first like ten paragraphs.
                              It sounds sexy. I wish I was in these. A dad and a son one would be so cool!
ThatSapphicGirl ThatSapphicGirl Nov 18, 2015
I just laughed so loud and my parents looked at me like what the f*uck you weird, weird child
Leavinglili Leavinglili Jun 09, 2014
@WankGoesCookies ..............*awkward* Lol whoops (I wish I caught onto that)
Leavinglili Leavinglili Jun 09, 2014
The names Taecyeon and chansung from the previous chapter reminds of two members from a korean boy group called 2pm!
vansalim18 vansalim18 Mar 19, 2014
What manga is that on your book's cover?? :O oh yeah make some more one shots too!! @-)