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Zodiac one-shots (Book 1 Finished)

Zodiac one-shots (Book 1 Finished)

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Dare By emodare Completed

Hey guys I've always like zodiac signs so I decided to make a book about them. Send in requests!!! I'm a ♒️ by the way! All photos go to the owners who made them enjoy!!

AaronBurr-n AaronBurr-n Mar 18
I ship Gemino and Piscies lol...
                              Gender: Female
                              Personality: Smart, can be shy, and not sociable.
                              What they like: History, reading, and quiet.
                              Description: Blond hair, light skin, and usually wears warm colored clothes.
                              Age: 17
Can you please do a love triangle between Aries(m) x cancer(f) x Gemini(m) all of them being 18. Thanks so much!! 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤
Pisces (m 17 ) x Cancer (f 16 ), Pisces is unlike most Pisces stereotypes and is like the bad boy of the school and Cancer is like an average student not too bad not a goodie goodie either, can u please do this 😊
HaliaBlack HaliaBlack Mar 06
Capricorn (f) x Pieces ( M )
                              Cap : 18, tired all the time 
                              Pieces : 18, calm but happy go lucky
                              They share a house. Please?
KatInBlack KatInBlack Feb 27
Aries(m) Libra(f) Ari:16 Li:15 . Li insane yandere. Ari unsuspecting senpai. Title: Confessions of a yandere.
- - Feb 16
Could you please do Aquariu (f) x Libra (m) that'd be really cool