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Claires (Proses Penerbitan)

Claires (Proses Penerbitan)

201K Reads 11.7K Votes 31 Part Story
Valerie Patkar By kaisoone Updated May 08

(DISCLAIMER) Cerita Claires di Wattpad dan di Novel akan berbeda baik dari gaya bahasa, flow cerita dan ending.

Kai once asked Claire to go with him. He could tell no matter how hard the biology test is, living without Claire is way more harder. But then Claire rejected his request. She didn't want to go with him because she wanted him to catch what he's aiming for without thinking about her anymore. Claire thought herself as a burden, she didn't want to make Kai's shoulder felt heavier. 
Kai offered the perfection of love to Claire. Claire offered the endless patience to Kai. Looking at them is equal to looking at clouds in the sky. They are all the same and it makes them perfect.

Claire had sparkling eyes, the ones that made Ares fell to his bed, dreaming of heaven eventhough he was insomnia. 
 Ares often took Claire's hand, feeling the warmth of her fingers, filling the cold emptiness inside his heart. 
 "Don't let me go because if you do, you would probably find me lifeless in a river, begging you to stay," Ares said. Ares was a little scumbag, playing around with girls, talking as sweet as Sticky. But Ares was a little broken heart, crying out for Claire's attention, screaming as loud as tiger. 
Ares offered the imperfection to Claire. Claire offered the confused feeling to Ares. Ares could be everything for Claire, and Claire could be the world for Ares. Looking at them is equal to looking at rainbow in the sky. They are all different and it makes them beautiful.
Cover Credit to : Nadhira, Thank you so much for creating this for Claires.

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Hello, Kak Vale! I'm your new reader and I can say that I'm gonna love this story of yours at the first read. Good luck for you!
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