Miss.Leather Jacket

Miss.Leather Jacket

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Bad boy N Fighter Lovers By BadboynFighterLovers Completed

Who is Ivy Sophia Hunter?

Well, isn't that the question everyone seems to be asking? And, they get their answer.

Ivy Hunter was never a nobody, all she did was attract attention, not only in the beauty aspect, but also in the attitude department. When she moves home to live with her family, she seems to attract the attention of a lot of students in her school. Or more specifically of one other boy: Sydney Carter.

Sydney too wasn't someone to be ignored. His looks itself induced a sedative in all the girls and on top of that, he had amazing manners and was part of a gang, giving him a badboy aura.

What would happen if both of these fireworks cross paths through which the experience so much: Would they burn brighter together and make beautiful things together or would they both end up destroying one another?

Began : 26/03/16
Ended : 25/12/16 (CHRISTMAS!)


BTW, THERE IS GOING TO BE A REWRITTEN VERSION SOON SO IT IS SUGGESTED YOU READ THAT ONE, please, by all means, no one stopping you from reading this one :) .

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