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Jayden has a terrible life... Not only is she abused at home. (Not by her parents, But, by her Aunt.) But, she is also bullied and beat up at school, almost everyday... Not by girls, by guys.

Two guys. The most popular guys in school. Jayden is very disliked. She has no friends at her school and almost everyone in her life dislikes her.

Once Jayden meets the new kid at school, she thinks that he can give her a better life. But, when the new kid ends up being best friends with her bullies, what will happen?

Let's just say, don't expect the usual, because in this book the usual doesn't happen much. Only the unusual does...

Read Bullied...
(inspired by DizzyDolan)
(360 pages)

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SaraWolf10120 SaraWolf10120 Dec 07, 2017
Just started reading, and I'm already in love with this book.
Mollyawesomeness102 Mollyawesomeness102 Jul 29, 2017
I'm Molly a kid always used to say your worthless I'm cried running out the class my teacher asked the problem I told her I was still bullied I had lunch I ate in the bathroom
PinkRoseLover3 PinkRoseLover3 Dec 09, 2017
Wow. Even I was surprised that Jack knew the Dolans. Also my crushes name is Jack so that's oddly convenient
Im_Sasha_Now Im_Sasha_Now Nov 30, 2017
Rip... Also.. Who's Jack? Sry.. I'm new to the Dolans.. And stuff..
JarrettOwens JarrettOwens Jul 16, 2017
Assholes. God I hate people like that. I don't what bullies go through they can go to hell for all I care.
PinkRoseLover3 PinkRoseLover3 Dec 09, 2017
Wow. That's deep. I wish that was my aunt so I could whoop her ass