Challenge Accepted(A Barney Stinson/HIMYM Fan-fiction)

Challenge Accepted(A Barney Stinson/HIMYM Fan-fiction)

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Barney Stinson is...a pig to say the least. He's slept with countless girls, always wears a suit, and lives his life by his beloved playbook. He is also never one to back down from a challenge.

When Barney is challenged by Lily to get a certain girl at the bar to go home with him, he is surprised to find that the charms he's used many times before aren't working. A simple petty bet brought the crew a new friend. But what if she's more than that?

What if this girl can actually change Barney Stinson?

Rishika_Pandit Rishika_Pandit May 23, 2016
Well, I would say that the story gets a bit confusing because all of it is mostly dialogues and then it's should be mentioned after some time periods just here and there (probably with a verb) that who is speaking what...