The Assassins

The Assassins

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edgedog By edgedog Updated Aug 19

They called (Y/N) "NighterStalker". One of Hydra's most dangerous weapons since the Winter solider was taken. For years she murdered but didn't know what she was doing. 

The Winter Soilder was a former Hydra "puppet". After his many years of tortured he wants to take down or at least "tame" the so called NightStalker.

But what happens when they find out who's under the mask?

Bucky x Reader

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alyssa2550 alyssa2550 Jul 26
nope, i remember that too. and stupid, she clearly doesn't remember anyone.
You wanted Bucky's metal arm on the right side so when she is on his right side the will be holding metal hands. I get ya!
kysjys kysjys Sep 05
You literally got a picture of the new League of Legends champion, Kayn and called him Bucky. What?
Please don't make any sudden moves.... DUN DUN ;) you don't know that half of the abuse
Is it Natasha?? I haven't heard her name yet.... CONSPIRACY!!
..... I'll tell you.....
                              If we get McDonald's or steak and shake.