Hustle for Respect

Hustle for Respect

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Work #3

Genaydah Gabrielle Houston, 23, starts her life off horribly when her mother was taken from her in a car crash at the age of nine. She was forced to live with her father, Gerald, and his wife Khloe. After a terrible night, Genaydah known as Gabby was kicked out of her only home and forced to live in the streets. From then, she learned how to live and survive on her own. Read to follow Gabby's struggle in her horrible adventure...

*Warning, beginning kind of sucks but as you continue to read it's gets better*

geesh . 5.8 mill is still a lot of guap . I wonder what her house looks like .
Yoh, this chapter had me at different emotions. One minute I was rooting for Gabbie next minute, I'm like bxtch want to die. Lol. But at the end of this chapter, I think I don't like Gabbie. (no offense)
TrillD0ll TrillD0ll Oct 09
That would've got her ass slapped🙄 Definitely if a good show was finna come on😭
Mrs_Leaderz Mrs_Leaderz Oct 02
She too nice I would've grabbed my bags and swung it across her head and punched her some more then walk away. 
                              Boss bitch move 😎😎😎
chrissy139 chrissy139 Oct 31
I hate fücking parents who choose a bïtch over their own child so fúcked up
TrillD0ll TrillD0ll Oct 09
*thinks about it for a second* Yeah.. I think it's for the best😂