Her (Camila/You)

Her (Camila/You)

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Love Only By Kinky_Karla Updated Mar 09

Y/N is moving back to Miami to live with her childhood friend Lauren Jauregui after a terrible heartbreak. Camila just got out of an abusive relationship with Austin Mahone but doesn't tell anyone. Will Camila fall for Y/n or just ignore the feelings?

Y/N g!p 
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whats with the dj and kehlani thing yall?
                              and how you dare to ruin my norminah???? my effin otp in the whole world...!hahaha...
hey yall...! yall gonna ignore the fact that normani called ally *babe*/???!!! 
                              am not... i think some things up..!
this song is actually not that boring or calming... to make some body sleep/...but if you say so!
luke bryan- play it again...
                              its kinda perfect!
                              but it actually sounds like a taylor swifts song little bit tho!
1Camren_shipper 1Camren_shipper Sep 06, 2016
She still cute af tho 🌚
                              Even if I don't know wtf happened 😂
fruitt-loopp fruitt-loopp Oct 27, 2016
that's 👏🏼my 👏🏼girl 👏🏼so 👏🏼chill 👏🏼y'all 👏🏼