She's Mine (Sequel to Save Me) Levin X Reader

She's Mine (Sequel to Save Me) Levin X Reader

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The Fancy Cookie Monster <3 By Chloe3256 Completed

Yes, this is a sequel! So this is basically book 2 of Save Me (Minecraft Diaries) Levin x reader

Well if you read that already you know that I added a new character of my own and his name is Pierce. Pierce is a man with chocolate brown hair and stunning brown eyes. Now that he knows you have a boyfriend he can't help but try to take you away and steal you back! How will Levin react though? Will he refuse to let you go? Or will he let Pierce take you...

**Status: Completed**

DixieThorn DixieThorn Aug 03
It's been one whole book and still haven't gotten a kiss in the lips from 
                              Levin yet...
Yay! A kitchen! I can't wait to burn it down with my terrible cooking skills! :D
lol that moment when you have the same fav color and ur like we were meant to be marry me now plz
My favourite colour IS blue though. Like every single shade of blue ever!! For my whole life. I'm not even joking!! Blue is love, blue is LIFE!! (-w-)
Omg, I keep feeling like i'm the female Levin, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I like the color blue, and I care about alot of people!
I don't think I will be that mean to the guy who saved me from Zane