The Devil's Guardian

The Devil's Guardian

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Alex Gedgaudas By Alycat1901 Updated Sep 23, 2016

Not many individuals hold the ability to say they found their parents and young sister brutally murdered one fall afternoon.
Little Neve Deveraux  was unfortunate enough to say she did. Her family's killer left the nine-year-old girl a single blood written message after the satanic murders. He claimed he would one day return for her. The killer was soon caught, leaving Neve to disbelieve this terrifying threat.

Sixteen years later, the newly christened Neve Stone still lives a broken existence due to her family's premature passing. Living a brand new life as a small-town homicide detective, she's determined to leave her grisly past behind her. Only, there's some unknown presence  in her life who doesn't want her to forget where she came from...
This person wants her to remember exactly what happened the date of September 9th, 1999 for a reason.
  It looks like her family's true killer has finally come back for her.

Amazing cover made by @RachelS8766

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LunaRaven LunaRaven Nov 06, 2017
I find it scary that the day her family was murdered was the exact day I was born....
his_girl786 his_girl786 Sep 25, 2016
Alex..why don't u complete one story at a time sweety? 
                              Cannibal bride , Sea god's one night stand , talking dead..all these are incomplete..and i am eager to read further these stories too..
                              It feels like a terrible cliffhanger u put us on😂🙈
- - Apr 07, 2016
Amazing  prologue! 😄 But I must admit, it does make me glad that I was born 3 days after 9/9/99 😧
- - Mar 07, 2016
This looks like it'll be a really good story! Can't wait to start reading it! 😊