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Peach or Strawberry?

Peach or Strawberry?

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Ace27689 By ace27689 Updated Mar 17

The girl who created Class E. The first student to enter Class E. Chono Shi. 

Her parents named her 'Death' for some apparent reason and things have lived up to her name. Most of her classmates or friends tend to end up injured or scarred when they're around her, her mother died only a few days after her birth, and her father stayed around a bit longer but ended up dead as well. 

Her relatives refused to take her, although when they didn't things turned out for the worst. Her father's close friend decided to take her in as a promise he made to his old friend.

She became close friends with his son and they grew up to be closer than ever. Everything was great until they entered Junior High. She was bullied for being 'ugly' or as an excuse for hanging out with the principle's son. The students in Kunugigaoka nicknamed her 'Shinigami' due to her past. And as it grew more and more irritating, she made a deal.

She made a deal with the devil(A.K.A. Her uncle) and now she has the E Class to her will. Her childhood friend is in the dark but will he soon figure out what she has been doing the past 2 years?

She created Class E and all... but some of her plans didn't go exactly as planned. Will she be able to fix them or will something completely different arise?

Warning: Might contain slight language. Also, if you've only watched the not to the end  of the anime so far or haven't read the whole manga, this might also contain spoilers.

Disclaimer: I do not Ansatsu Kyoushitu/Assassination Classroom. All(if not most?) of it belongs to Matsui Yūsei. My OC and and storyline belongs to yours truly.

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de_booklover16 de_booklover16 Aug 01, 2016
I like the plot and I love your OC. I've never read anime or watched it so I thought I would have no clue what is going on but your writing is superb so I know exactly what's going on in the story even though I don't know the characters or the world they are in :) keep up the good work! Xx
Iorinn Iorinn Aug 12, 2016
Very Interesting Prologue and Plot idea, it'll fun to find out the 3-E's reactions :)
bi-bi-yall bi-bi-yall Jul 30, 2016
This is very intriguing. I love the way you use your own character to create the backstory of the Class E when we have not received much information on how it was created or why. Shi is definitely an interesting character and I really can't wait to start to read your book!
Kontradiction Kontradiction Jul 30, 2016
I'm not usually one for fanfics where the OC is a close friend to a main canon character (I know, I'm such a hypocrite) and has a tragic past. But you've intrigued me. So far so good.
de_booklover16 de_booklover16 Aug 01, 2016
I'm finally here! I'm so sorry it took so long to get here! Xx
the_paradox_problem the_paradox_problem Aug 06, 2016
                              This is great! I'm intrigued, though slightly confused as I am not an anime fan. However, I do get the gist of this chapter. Keep up the good work!