Stucky One Shots

Stucky One Shots

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James Buchanan Barnes By JamesBarnes-Rogers Updated Jul 28

This is just a basic book with Stucky fluff. I will only add smut by request, and I will need a specific plot line for that smut request, please and thanks. Not just smut requests are available. If you want a specific imagine or idea put in here for Stucky, my available contact info is below:

Instagram: @creppy.winter.soldier
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Anyway, I have basic ideas in here, none of them are super special. 

~What if Steve and Bucky were both rejected and stayed home from the war?
~What if Bucky never fell?
~What if Steve found out Bucky loved him by reading his notebooks?
~What if Steve and Bucky switched places?
~What if they never were friends but had heard of each other?
~What if they had a child?
~What if they had three children?
~What if Steve dies on a mission?

*I will give credits to artists and other authors for pictures/ideas

Clintasha :) I was slightly disappointed when they showed he was married :( bc I soo thought they'd be together.
It kind of reminds me of the little boy that asked Tony how he made it out of the portal before he had a major panic attack in Iron Man 3
Brutasha, because it has literally become canon and Clint has a family and they are so cute together
I kinda ship both but clintasha more so and yes same my only straight ship
1d-baby 1d-baby 3 days ago
Yes he so would. I can imagine him finding Instagram and gushing about it to Bucky. "Bucky the pictures are so cool! There filters that make it look b&w and its sooo cool! Oh! We should really take a selfie together!"
I ship stucky because Steve and Bucky have known eachother pretty much forever and I see tony and Steve just as friends.