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Stucky One Shots

Stucky One Shots

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Mikhailo Aleksandr "Mickey" Milkovich By MickeyGallagher456 Updated Jan 16

This is just a basic book with Stucky fluff. I will only add smut by request, and I will need a specific plot line for that smut request, please and thanks. Not just smut requests are available. If you want a specific imagine or idea put in here for Stucky, my available contact info is below:
  Wattpad Private Message
  Anyway, I have basic ideas in here, none of them are super special. 
  ~What if Steve and Bucky were both rejected and stayed home from the war?
  ~What if Bucky never fell?
  ~What if Steve found out Bucky loved him by reading his notebooks?
  ~What if Steve and Bucky switched places?
  ~What if they never were friends but had heard of each other?
  ~What if they had a child?
  ~What if they had three children?
  ~What if Steve dies on a mission?
  *I will give credits to artists and other authors for pictures/ideas

FandomOBSESSEDXX FandomOBSESSEDXX Oct 04, 2016
Clintasha :) I was slightly disappointed when they showed he was married :( bc I soo thought they'd be together.
TheAvengerJedi90 TheAvengerJedi90 Sep 01, 2016
It kind of reminds me of the little boy that asked Tony how he made it out of the portal before he had a major panic attack in Iron Man 3
RoseTyler829 RoseTyler829 May 22, 2016
Brutasha, because it has literally become canon and Clint has a family and they are so cute together
happyblurryfish happyblurryfish Jun 12, 2016
I kinda ship both but clintasha more so and yes same my only straight ship
1d-baby 1d-baby Nov 30, 2016
Yes he so would. I can imagine him finding Instagram and gushing about it to Bucky. "Bucky the pictures are so cool! There filters that make it look b&w and its sooo cool! Oh! We should really take a selfie together!"
_MarvelSpnPhandom_ _MarvelSpnPhandom_ Aug 17, 2016
I ship stucky because Steve and Bucky have known eachother pretty much forever and I see tony and Steve just as friends.