Bow Down - the originals [1] ✔️

Bow Down - the originals [1] ✔️

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elisabeth By saltystarks Completed

we all know the famous Marie Antoinette, but what if she didn't actually die after her execution in 1793? Former French Queen, now immortal, suddenly begins to walk the streets of New Orleans with an entitled, snobbish attitude. Will her former life haunt her forever or can someone help her see the present. 

"It's good to be scared. It means that you've still got something to lose"


Plot credit: @the1andonlytifftiff
Cover credit: @-malec 

{book 1 of the antoinette series}

I'm going back and rereading this for like the fifth time because it's summer and I'm bored. Woo!!
MARCEL!!! Where are your manners? That is not how you greet a lady... lol
Marcel singing karaoke, now that's a sight a wouldn't wanna see.
I want to find her and be like let's be the best friends forever
All I can imagine her saying is:
                              Let zere be cake!
                              *phony French accent*