Natalie's Diary

Natalie's Diary

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K.C. Halfacre By KeriHalfacre Completed

Natalie Driscoll is dead.

She flung herself out a window and her neighbor Jane into the middle of Cullfield's darkest secrets. Following Natalie's instructions leads Jane to three other high school students and all of them have something to hide. It is up to the four of them to carry out Natalie's final errand as they unravel the mysteries written in her diary.

[cover by XbeautificationsX]

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I’m afraid of the supernatural. Like every thing involved with the supernatural.
Hiba_05 Hiba_05 3 days ago
« Hey, mum and dad, sorry for ruining your romance but I found a dead body next door
                              See you later »
aniba15 aniba15 5 days ago
If you’re reading this can you please read my original piece I wrote
ssamuels30 ssamuels30 2 days ago
Afraid of never finding out who I really am and only being half present in situations in my life I should really into.  And also the dark or what could happen in the dark
doritosluvr doritosluvr Apr 16
mmmm filipina culture is so much fun! nice to know that some people know what diversity is.
Meddler_420 Meddler_420 Apr 10
Sharp objects, I guess? I can't stand the sight of needles. They make me cringe, dunno why.