Natalie's Diary

Natalie's Diary

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K.C. Halfacre By KeriHalfacre Completed

Natalie Driscoll is dead.

She flung herself out a window and her neighbor Jane into the middle of Cullfield's darkest secrets. Following Natalie's instructions leads Jane to three other high school students and all of them have something to hide. It is up to the four of them to carry out Natalie's final errand as they unravel the mysteries written in her diary.

[cover by XbeautificationsX]

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Dude now your just describing how people found dead bodies on episodes of BONES
-nvsmv- -nvsmv- Dec 24, 2017
The first dead body I saw was the soldier who fought for my family's life.
youngmindoldthoughts youngmindoldthoughts Dec 14, 2017
Im sorry for being stupid. I don't know what iron spires are so ill go Google then brb
onoraaa onoraaa 3 days ago
I can imagine that sight just like how painful would that have been for Natalie
SimplyAndyx SimplyAndyx Oct 29, 2017
I’m just happy that for once the main character isn’t white.
whosnoyonika whosnoyonika a day ago
okay this may seem so crazy but I had a dream in the month of November 2017 wherein I saw a silhouette of a girl on the terrace and then she looked at me, gave a creepy smile and jumped off of the building. i didn't sleep for a good 3 days. imagine a dream making such an impact.