Natalie's Diary

Natalie's Diary

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K.C. Halfacre By KeriHalfacre Completed

Natalie Driscoll is dead.

Much like how she flung herself out a window, Natalie also flung Jane into the middle of Cullfield's mysteries. Following Natalie's instructions leads Jane to three other high school students and all of them seem to have something to hide, something that might have to be unraveled through the course of following Natalie's diary. 

[cover by XbeautificationsX]

I love be the way you started this book. I have high hopes for this one.
OliveFloaty123 OliveFloaty123 5 days ago
I'm afraid of  being alone and most creepypastas. Name it, I'll tell you the nightmare I had about it. They're all very cryptic.
poppyliz2 poppyliz2 21 hours ago
K don't mean to be weird or anything but today I ate berries and the name was Driscoll
Bystander effect? I remember one famous case where a woman was murdered in front of her apartment.  She had screamed for help, but none of the 34 residents who heard her did anything 😢
I'm afraid of the ocean,and  whales, even though I think they're beautiful creatures.
I love books that actually play like a movie in my head. The visuals I'm getting! 😍