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Sans X Reader Lemons

Sans X Reader Lemons

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Rania the minecraft master By thediamondapple Updated Apr 01, 2016

Cause there is not that many here on wattpad horny childeren~~. im back and ready for some porn with sansy!

JustinaMeow JustinaMeow May 03, 2016
Can you do Sans X Justina?
                              She is a skeleton as well, but she has brown hair, Sans's powers, but they're orange. She also loves to sing and draw, and she is really silly and loves puns.
Animetale!Sans X Male!Reader?
                              (LOOPHOLE ABUSE (Animetale is the all female AU))
Kittyfangirl244 Kittyfangirl244 Jun 05, 2016
Can you do my OC Leah she's a human, Dark brown hair and eyes, likes men who does puns, getting good grades. Dislikes: Getting bad grades, and spicy food. She has a dark side so don't mess with her too much annoness
DaKawaiiPopato DaKawaiiPopato Nov 06, 2016
Sans x Pauleene?
                              She has black hair, dark brown eyes and she wears a white knitted sweater with black pants and combat boots :3
StreamKittyArtist StreamKittyArtist Apr 23, 2016
Can you do a sans x oc for me? :3 my oc's details are on my oc list
UT_trxsh UT_trxsh Mar 15, 2016
Do not tell Papyrus im on wattpad...reading lemons about me and other be the one having a bad time otherwise.....