Half-Breed ■ The Hobbit

Half-Breed ■ The Hobbit

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Wolves. They're considered beasts in The Shire, they eat cattle and destroy crops. They howl in the nighttime, hunting and watching silently like the assassins they are. But not all wolves are dark. 


Scout Kingland is a red wolf who roams Middle Earth, looking for something to do with the rest of her life. When a wizard called Gandalf invites her to join a company of dwarves and a hobbit, what will she do? Will Thorin accept her, or will he leave her behind the second he gets?


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E-R-Aranyi E-R-Aranyi Dec 04, 2017
She’s just not having a good day, sore legs but too afraid of Thorin to ask for a break, having to relive her sad tale through Gandalf’s story, being stared at all the time. She just needs someone to love her 😉
EvangelineLovegood EvangelineLovegood Nov 03, 2017
When I read 'the twins' I thought of Fred and George Weasley. I started to cry when I remembered that Fred is.... Fred is..... dead.......😭
doIIheart doIIheart Nov 06, 2016
The fact that I know Bilbo will probably cherish that when his journey is over breaks my heart.
CorgiOverlord CorgiOverlord Feb 14, 2017
I love your idea! It's original, unlike all the skin-changer fanfictions!