Zodiac Boarding

Zodiac Boarding

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What happens when 24 people are in the same Boarding school? Do I still have your attention? It is a huge Boarding school, a gigantic hotel almost. Except they are the only ones that go there. There are twelve of each gender. Each representing a Zodiac sign. They don't know that yet though, all they know is they went through the same drama normal teens go through. They all have powers that that will soon be unlocked!

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*Originally completed on Feb 21, 2017*

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SoobinDeservesBetter SoobinDeservesBetter Aug 11, 2017
So casual I would have more questions than that. And isn't that like common knowledge or something?
MeowFries MeowFries Oct 19, 2017
I'm having flashbacks of Nanantsu No Taizai agaaaaaaiiiiiin help me.
                              "This is a perfect pillow" -Meliodas
MeowFries MeowFries Oct 19, 2017
Opposite for me. My mom would of been the one to send me here and my dad would reluctantly agree
I alredy forgot what zodiacs these ppl are but im trying to guess
I have two bow and arrows at home.... I practice archery sometimes😐
This is like a brain workout to remember all the names for taurus virgo gemini and piseces is easy cuz of the first letter but the rest are a mess