Zodiac Boarding

Zodiac Boarding

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Don't question it By lauren_3_aqua Completed

What happens when 24 people are in the same Boarding school? Do I still have your attention? It is a huge Boarding school, a gigantic hotel almost. Except they are the only ones that go there. There are twelve of each gender. Each representing a Zodiac sign. They don't know that yet though, all they know is they went through the same drama normal teens go through. They all have powers that that will soon be unlocked!

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*Originally completed on Feb 21, 2017*

So casual I would have more questions than that. And isn't that like common knowledge or something?
gracemonkey1118 gracemonkey1118 2 days ago
Also.... in here i am supposed to be Sonya right? LIKE SONYA BLADE SO I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT
I really don't understand how this is a horrible things since they are both girls and its her family member but ok get freaked out by nothing
Shelby?! Are you kidding me? Can we call her Sammy? Sarah? Sandy? Savanna?
Marvelgal3 Marvelgal3 Jul 27
Wait for Leo's girl is it supposed to be leia like from star wars
Looks like Autumn was right. She is adopted and from another planet.