Mind Games | Kehlani  Rihanna | #WPATTYS2016

Mind Games | Kehlani Rihanna | #WPATTYS2016

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fool By citygirlniaa Updated Mar 28, 2017

Warning: Contains sexual explicit content for mature audiences only.
  Mind Games is a series of deliberate actions or responses planned for psychological effect on another, typically for amusement or competitive advantage.
  Growing up in the hood an innocent Kehlani Ashley Parrish is a young softhearted smart girl with tattoos, the Black and Indigenous Spanish 19 year old R&B singer who looks like a badass who is an Oakland native, she had a very rough childhood from being born premature to having a crackhead mother and a deceased father at such a young age. she was confused all her life up until highschool she met a girl name Robyn Rihanna Fenty but she didn't get to know her throughout school years cause she decided to join up with groups getting associations with Dirty Boyz Gang and the gang affiliated gang called Bloods & HBK gang, finally becoming a part-time stripper but she's in a relationship with a guy name PARTYNEXTDOOR. thug in the day, a stripper by night. 
  Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a 25 year old island gyal from Barbados with a mind of her own, she's a rebellious girl in her own little world. growing up with an abusive father and intelligent mother, she learned how to be a strong person but she ended up being weak when she got grown. starting with addictions of drugs, sex, and fame issues. she also has a similar life to Kehlani's life, growing up she decided to become a lesbian due to confusion and become a drug dealer. being apart of the same gang affiliated gang Bloods but never knowing if Kehlani was the actual girl in the same group as she was, they finally connect and get to know more about each other but they have two things in common. MUSIC & WEED.
  You'll see when mind games happen. 
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briyaniya briyaniya Aug 03, 2017
Dang daddy you got to ease it on there
                              not just do it all at once
Lerriesbaby Lerriesbaby May 14, 2017
Oh that's too many fingers you got everybody and they momma up in there
toxicglitch toxicglitch Jan 06, 2017
I just saw that all of 5h and Justine are in this book, YASSS I'm definitely reading on
- - Oct 09, 2016
I couldn't work out whether you were drumming or waving a spoon.  Lol
DaddyRobynLaniMaraj DaddyRobynLaniMaraj May 11, 2016
She know she loves it😂😂😂😂the fact that she moaned, sounds like mixed signals.
derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Oct 15, 2016
.... Ima beat yo ass Robyn you can't just leave like that tf