imessage // Grayson Dolan

imessage // Grayson Dolan

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unknown: babygirl I miss you 

sky: you got the wrong number fuckboi

In which a famous youtuber accidentally iMessages a random girl named sky

PlainRayne PlainRayne 6 days ago
Everyone who wrote "why they calling her b if her name is sky" b means bitch
Gabdab10 Gabdab10 Jul 09
Why is her nickname b if her name is Sky??? ( p.s. I'm eating a brownie while writing this god I love brownies )
appleLogo appleLogo Aug 11
*Knows the whole explanation n why she's famous she a blond* *blonds get attention* *is a bling attention seeking hoe*
-vernon -vernon Jul 18
Oh my god 😂😂 that just reminded me of the time my friend said to my other friend 'hoe don't do it', and she sent a picture of her face with garden hoes on it as a reply 😂😂 completely irrelevant but I felt like I had to put that out there
Tbh I actually saw the stolen one then I came right to this one to read the real one
Selswifey Selswifey Jan 20
There's nothing wrong with blondes but when the main character is blonde I can never imagine her like that