Love Me (a Star Wars Rebels, Kanezra story)

Love Me (a Star Wars Rebels, Kanezra story)

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BloodyRoses By BloodyRoses16 Updated Jan 11

Ezra has a secret. He's in love with Kanan. How will Kanan react when this secret comes out? And what will Ezra do when that secret causes something unexpected?

Sex scenes, male pregnancy, violence, mature themes, sexual references, rape. 


EchoShips EchoShips Dec 28, 2016
You guys suck. Kanezra is stupid. Don't tell me that I just don't like guyXguy or GirlXgirl because I support lots of Gay/lesbian ships. I myself am lesbian and have a girl friend. But Kanezra? It makes me sick just thinking it much less typing!
S159As S159As Aug 10, 2016
I never realized that Kanan had blue-ish eyes until I saw a fan art in which his eyes were extremely blue. I had to zoom into his eyes in official pictures to notice.    (• < •)
S159As S159As Aug 10, 2016
In the screen shot it says you have 25% battery, when I'm reading this I only have 27% battery, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!
Kanon_Rocket Kanon_Rocket Jun 27, 2016
OMG!!!! MALDITA SEA!!! POR DIOS!!!! POR FAVOR!! (I'm sorry, I'm mexican) please!!! Update soon please please please please!!