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Vallovesfood By V_Ruval754 Completed

Vanessa Santos is a college student at NYU with a roommate who is a journalist, Kendall Fitzgerald. The day that her friend has to interview the most successful ceo in the business, Kendall gets really sick so Vanessa has to do it for her and lets just say that she's not that social with people. what will happen when the 2 meet.  will she give him a chance or just let him go.

Vanessa has dull brown eyes, dark brown hair, wears glasses because she doesn't like contacts. she is shy, timid, antisocial, wierd around kendall, loves to sing but doesn't sing to any one not even kendall. 

The ceo has brown hair and brown eyes. his name is James Delgado. He is cocky, jerky, horrid to people, fearless, greedy, and horny.

IsabelHaun IsabelHaun Oct 24, 2016
Lol well damn girl never know Wat he gonna say  n idk y he try following her he Krazy lol god love this book thank cheer me up while I'm down with flu lol