letters to my love || adrienette

letters to my love || adrienette

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Squishy Leyva By FrogTwinTopMagician Updated Oct 04

"I'll choose...this one!" He pulled out a white letter, a small, pink, heart sticker keeping it closed. 

"That one...might actually be the most normal looking letter I've ever been given."

"Well, go ahead and read it, dude, tell me what it says tomorrow, I gotta go."

"Alright, later!" He stared at the letter in his hands, before gently opening it.

Oh, how that one, small, neat, and utterly normal looking letter changed his life.

I'm pretty sure you could glue a million bricks together, and they STILL wouldn't be as dense as he is
OHHHH MYYYYY FUUCKKKINNNGG GOOOSSH this dude needs brain surgery
                              OMG ADRIEN U BROKE MY HUNGRY LITTLE HEART;-;
I see I know now....love is NOT blind....its the lover who's blind 
                              Adrien!!! Many clues are already given same eyes, same hair, same school, same voice, COME ON!!!! At least notice!!!! Darn it!!!!
Big tip.... She's in your class.... She literally said it... Chloe and classroom.... How many girls do you even have left to choose from?!
Let's see...is always bullied by Chloe...hmmm....Marinette's project was thrown away by Chloe just like the letter said.....so I can't be her