Her Lover's Face | ✔

Her Lover's Face | ✔

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*A Wattpad featured story*

Ghosts! Who knew they could be so real? Laryssa could reach out and touch him, run her hand along his face. Everywhere she turned, he'd be there. Even in his death, she couldn't find peace. 

It was like something out of her worst nightmare, except she wasn't sleeping. She was awake, wide awake, and he was right there in front of her...


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sharlenej13 sharlenej13 Feb 20
Wow first chapter and it looks to be a very interesting book
Did he fake his death? Lol I'm confused sf but love this story x
Author, this is perfect book for me!! I am glad I found it! It has a bit of thriller, bit of mystery, which had been put together in a beautiful way. I AM SOOO INTO THISSSSS !! THANK YOU AUTHOR!!
Appgirl2050 Appgirl2050 Feb 02
The plot seems really interesting. A bit eerie, but interesting ☺️👍
This is getting more and more interesting..I like the book really 😍
DivineBel DivineBel Feb 20
Blood of Jesus...how did he know what song she sings in the shower?!.I'm pretty sure he has cameras installed in her house