Man Whore! |Ereri|

Man Whore! |Ereri|

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TitanKilerGaySwimmer By The_Silent_Writer63 Updated May 22, 2016

Levi Ackerman is known as the schools, "Man Whore," with both genders.

Eren Jaeger, is a almost invisible transfer student. He came from a broken home, he was abused throughout his child hood, and was bullied. 

But what happens when Levi makes it his goal to break Erens fragile little heart? What happens when Eren makes Levi actually feel something?

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Cessadillabby Cessadillabby Dec 20, 2017
I was reading this out load in my backyard when I realised what was said :/
SaturnFlyer SaturnFlyer Feb 11
T H E  F O U R T H  W A L L  H A S  B E E N  B R O K E N 
                              H U R R Y  G E T  T H E  G L I T T E R  G L U E
*loads gun* they what
                              *sharpens knife shoes* they who
                              *strokes shotgun* they when
                              DID YOU SEE THE BOY
                              *tries to sing in korean*
Before I start this story, can someone please tell me who tops?
Bïtch get yo long titty no nipple head aśs outta hear 
                              (Kevin Heart)