Oikawa X Reader [Internet]

Oikawa X Reader [Internet]

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Kaitlynn ❤ By TrashedJams Completed


"Fame Setter", I've been knowing him for quite a while... Actually... I tell him everything. Well... Not everything. Obliviously I didn't say my personal information. 

All he knows is "Queen Lazy" is a second year in highschool.

I, (Y/n), am nothing but Iwaizumi's childhood friend that ends up meeting Oikawa Tooru, the school's "hottest" guy. What's so special about him anyway? All I wanna do is eat and be come more lazy.

What will happen once I meet FameSetter? 

Because of this... What other people will I end up meeting?

ushiten ushiten Jul 19
except i'm not really rich i've been tryna save up for gucci for like four months
Me: HELOOO everybody, my name is Markiplier-
                              Friend: SHUT UP!!
elliiboo elliiboo May 19
One time someone didn't know I existed until the second semester
lil_guera lil_guera Aug 13
They refer to me and my friends at school as the "big boobs anime girls" the thing is the only ones with big boobs is me and one of my friends 😂😂 so I dont know where they got that from
In 5th grade, I was considered popular just because I was around long enough for everyone to know who I was, but then middle school began...
Most people at my school know me...but i really hate the attention