Oikawa X Reader [Internet]

Oikawa X Reader [Internet]

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Kaitlynn ❤ By TrashedJams Completed


"Fame Setter", I've been knowing him for quite a while... Actually... I tell him everything. Well... Not everything. Obliviously I didn't say my personal information. 

All he knows is "Queen Lazy" is a second year in highschool.

I, (Y/n), am nothing but Iwaizumi's childhood friend that ends up meeting Oikawa Tooru, the school's "hottest" guy. What's so special about him anyway? All I wanna do is eat and be come more lazy.

What will happen once I meet FameSetter? 

Because of this... What other people will I end up meeting?

Sushijima Sushijima 4 days ago
I can walk by myself! 
                              *walks a step, tripps and falls on the floor*
KomaedaCR KomaedaCR Jan 11
God if I met half the people I knew online they'd immediately run away from my cringiness
Me: *sees title*
                              The internet is here!
                              The internet is great!
                              When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate?
                              It might be antisocial
                              But these days that is fine
                              'Cause life is so much better if you spend ot all online!
ZenStar ZenStar Mar 30, 2016
Ahaha this reminds me and my senpai! Totally the same except for the romance! (I would ask him for how to avoid detention for not attending class!)