Oikawa X Reader [Internet]

Oikawa X Reader [Internet]

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"Fame Setter", I've been knowing him for quite a while... Actually... I tell him everything. Well... Not everything. Obliviously I didn't say my personal information. 

All he knows is "Queen Lazy" is a second year in highschool.

I, (Y/n), am nothing but Iwaizumi's childhood friend that ends up meeting Oikawa Tooru, the school's "hottest" guy. What's so special about him anyway? All I wanna do is eat and be come more lazy.

What will happen once I meet FameSetter? 

Because of this... What other people will I end up meeting?

I'm laughing so badly cause I'm ready when me and Oikawa reveal ourselves XD
Sushijima Sushijima Jan 17
I can walk by myself! 
                              *walks a step, tripps and falls on the floor*
kaylakoala917 kaylakoala917 4 days ago
I eat a lot but I don't get fat my idea of fat is gaining three pounds because I'm not used to gaining weight at all
KomaedaCR KomaedaCR Jan 11
God if I met half the people I knew online they'd immediately run away from my cringiness
Going to school gets me yelled at by teachers, and going home gets me yelled at my mom...Going outside, I get yelled at by rude strangers. T H E R E I S N O   E S C A P E.
Me: *sees title*
                              The internet is here!
                              The internet is great!
                              When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate?
                              It might be antisocial
                              But these days that is fine
                              'Cause life is so much better if you spend ot all online!