Tiny mate(I'm back!)

Tiny mate(I'm back!)

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Avalon Grace Arrington is a sweet, caring 17 year old rogue. She was kicked out of her pack after "disobeying the alpha". Now she is running for her life, while doing this she steps on to someone's territory, big mistake. Or not.

Thaddeus Ajax Woods is a cruel alpha with the biggest hatred towards any rouge. He has vowed to kill any rogue seen by him or his pack especially ones brave enough to trespass into his land.

Started-April 7, 2016

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CIoroxBIeach CIoroxBIeach Dec 07, 2017
He growls “I shoved a whole bag of jellybeans up my aśs”
shadowlord775 shadowlord775 Mar 16, 2017
Are they wolves,were wolves,humans or what!? Pls explain this to a dumb person like for example......me!
PrettyDess4 PrettyDess4 Jun 23, 2017
It's grown woman that height girl just graduated from my high school she was 4'10
ifeastonbooks ifeastonbooks May 24, 2017
running into a tree, huh?
                              Weird. This got my attention out of the whole paragraph XD
                              Has anyone run into a pole?
21 and 5’2 . I’m more conscious of my height when i am with my s.o. ( he is 21 as-well but 6’2 )
mickybarrett mickybarrett May 24, 2017
Hahaha oh dear. When people were like "4.11 😱 that's short!" On the first chapter.... that changed ur mind, right? 😄😂