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:Before The End:

:Before The End:

361 Reads 13 Votes 2 Part Story <3 By IsabelJohnson Updated Nov 19, 2010

Seventeen year old, Willow Jenner, never trusted anyone since the day her father disappeared and her mother died. Willow's life is a mess, she is taking care of her little brother by herself, starving for her modeling career, and is barely payed enough to live. At one of her shoots, she meets sexy and dark Will. Suddenly she finds herself charmed by his ways and pulled into his dangerous life. But is Will not who he seems to be...?

Ari3ll3 Ari3ll3 Nov 21, 2010
I enjoyed reading this and may i say you have a pretty nice writing style. i totally advise you to go on and Oh lol your new! :D welcome to wattpad and it's awesome readers! :)
Jorgiie Jorgiie Nov 20, 2010
                              Hey Frak! Nice seeing you here! (NOT)
                              Like I said, I like your writing style and your off to a great start, it was very desciptive and I liked the dream part.
Jorgiie Jorgiie Nov 20, 2010
This is great so far. I like your writing style.
IsabelJohnson IsabelJohnson Nov 20, 2010
@frakkevin @chaterboxxx 
                              Lol, thank you. But it wasn't meant to be read yet.. :)
KAFrak KAFrak Nov 20, 2010
Yeah, when it comes to the writing I thought you did a great job and the formatting is perfection
                              pst, check out one of my stories