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Danger // BTS Fanfic

Danger // BTS Fanfic

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Bangtan's Angel By bangtansangel Completed

"Now that's a good girl."
    You were on your way to South Korea to see your aunt, who you'd been away from almost a decade. It was supposed to be a two-week journey into a new world, a new culture. It was supposed to be a nice getaway from your parents and little brother.
    How did everything manage to go so wrong?
    Instead of getting to see your aunt, you end up on a stolen bus with seven dangerous boys. It doesn't take you long to find out that they're a part of the most notorious gang in all of South Korea. You just happened to be their next target.
    Where are they taking you? What do they want with you? Why are you so important to them? Will you ever get to see your aunt?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Hiya! Welcome to my first attempt at a BTS AU. Please bear with me and my bad puns.
    I'm planning to put things like death, violence, fluff, romance, and the possibility of a relationship in.  You will be able to choose your own ending! Some chapters will also be featuring the lovely boys from GOT7 and BigBang. Please be patient with me!

I'm planning on learning Hangul during summer break cause I can't right now. But to me it's easy to pronounce cause I can pronounce the same pronunciation in Japanese and English so mix it and walaa
minarinbun minarinbun Jun 06
tbh hangul is kind of easy to learn in comparison to other east asian alphabets.
                              it doesn't have a big amount of characters, even my native one has more.
craycrayBTS craycrayBTS Jun 22
How does this me always look on the bright side? Like, if I was actually in her (my) situation, I would probably be annoyed and then just sleep without thinking on the bright side. I like this me!!😁😂😝❤️
Remainxo Remainxo Mar 28
I'm still at toddler level in reading and writing hangul 😂😂
SaunStories SaunStories Jul 01
*plays spy music* I'm going in. *ziplines to South korea* *arrives* I'm legal I swear.
That's exactly why I listen to kpop on the school bus when sleeping which is every time