The Outsider (G-Eazy)

The Outsider (G-Eazy)

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EVERYTHING WILL BE OK By KimberlyKong Completed

out·sid·er /ˌoutˈsīdər/  - a person who is not accepted by or who is isolated from society

sentences used #1: All her life she was an outsider. Everyone constantly tried to push her over the edge & watch her fall but once she finally got with G-Eazy, none of that mattered. The confidence, the support, & the comfort was foreign to her simply because she was never properly cared for in the past. 

sentences used #2: He learns alot by being around her. He's never ever truly endured the things she's been through until he sees it for himself. He really really sees & tries to make sense of things. He was on the outside looking in. He was an outsider.

caution: content contains smut, racial slurs, substance use, ...

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