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Don't Leave Me

Don't Leave Me

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Sasha Winchester By sasha_winchester Updated 5 days ago

Michael Scofield. Brother is in jail, dad is missing, mom is dead. What's left to lose? Rob a bank, get thrown in jail with his entire chest, back, arms, and legs tattood with the perfect escape route. He just needs some people to help him get out. But some things don't follow the plan as he had hoped. "Hey, you're new." A girl? In an all male prison? On boy... Or, girl really. How big of a monkey wrench does this throw into Michaels plans when he starts to fall for this woman? Will her mystery be his downfall? How many people have to die to get their happy ending? Is their happy ending even possible with how much baggage she carries with her... 

This story contains a deranged serial killer, a self loathing woman, a desperate brother attempting to save the innocent, and many heartbreaking sob stories along the way. So many stories, and not enough time to tell them all before someone winds up dead. Secrets plague everyone's lives, and when they come out, no one could ever imagine the mass destruction those secrets cause. 

Read at your own risk. Hi. I'm Megan Crest. This is my story. My parents were killed, I was kept in a dog crate for years by a deranged serial killer who tells me I look like his dead wife, and now I'm in an all male super max prison. That killer has connections in powerful places. Police, FBI, CIA, even the Whitehouse. I can't say his name without shivering. Be careful. If you're reading this, he may come after you next. Keep your wits about you. Things are going to get messy. So many people have died already. He will kill again. I think I'm next...

_forsythejones _forsythejones a day ago
am i the only who thought of the impala when she said baby??? 😭💖
I have Deans Car....YAH! As soon as I read the word Impala I was just shouted 'I GOT DEANS CAR!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!' *while I hold my tiny replica of it in my hands like a 5 year old*