My Hufflepuff Crush » Cedric Diggory ✔ #Wattys2017

My Hufflepuff Crush » Cedric Diggory ✔ #Wattys2017

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"A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff together? Ha! You're delusional Kate. That would never happen in a million muggle years. Especially not to a Slytherin who doesn't even know where she came from or who her parents are."

"Oh shut up Malfoy! You have no idea what love is! If it's meant to be, it shall happen."

Everybody who will read this knows the story of Harry Potter, the boy who lived. But, no-one knows Kate's story, not even her. She has no last name. No known family or friends. She just happened to show up at Snape's door when she was a baby. He took her in of course, treated her like his own. She was his soft spot that no one knew about. That is until she turned seventeen and wanted to go to school. She was placed in Slytherin, she didn't really know why. Being chosen by the Goblet of Fire wasn't in her plan, she didn't even put her name in. She also didn't plan on falling for a Hufflepuff either.

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(C) I do not own Harry Potter or it's characters. Only Kate and some others.

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