The Beauty of Letting Go

The Beauty of Letting Go

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clouds7 By clouds7 Updated 7 days ago

You don't always need a compassionate person to understand you. 

Sometimes it's the cold hearted ones that row in the exact same boat and change your life.


Story of an injured star athlete and a part time student  who's personalities clash together in hopeless place. The one who doesn't want to be helped and the one who can't be helped.

I got excited already, so you're doing something right on the first chapter!
I really want to slap him, but noooo he has to be a fictional character
He must be feeling sad but not wanting to show it... Probably, he is very accustomed to being given up. It's kind of sad
This should be the quote for the boys, it's pretty cool, but also fail because they are also heading to different directions soooooooo
hemppu hemppu Jul 06
Why do I get the feeling that he really is surprised about that, even though he doesn't want to admit it...