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The Devil Lives Next Door

The Devil Lives Next Door

114K Reads 3.9K Votes 10 Part Story
Brianna By kenralove12 Completed

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked with amusement in his voice, his peppermint breath hitting my ear making my breath hitched. I was too scared to move, I felt like I was paralyzed as his fingers brushed down my arm, making tingles run down my spine and shots of pleasurable electricity went through my arm. "You are mine!" He growled in my ear, making my knees buckle.   Brooke is deaf and mute because of it, she has been living alone since she got out of high school and away from her drug addict, abusive father. She is now living a comfortable life as a painter. One day she was on her porch painting when a moving truck arrived next door. Her curiosity got the best of her and she took a look, only to see another car follow and a sex god exits the vehicle. Brooke has no idea that the sex god is none other than the devil himself and he has only one goal in mind... To retrieve what's his.    Cover made by me kenralove12

elis_belis elis_belis May 03
"painful past", I dropped my bagel on the street. It was a tragedy.
ignite_ki19 ignite_ki19 6 days ago
Not hating on ur book, just want to clear something so I'm not confuse. Since this is in fist person and the girl is deaf, how did she hear him growl or speak in her ear in the description?
                              Just curious, like maybe she is deaf on one ear only or she can just barely hear or something?
elis_belis elis_belis May 03
Pffff, that's totally not what is going to happen in the future, nah.
Julie_Whiting Julie_Whiting Nov 15, 2016
I thought she said 'and took the plate out to the cat' hahahah
shoey102 shoey102 Feb 10
In my school the people with disabilities are the most popular people because they are different. People who are crippled have their own time to go outside and roll around the track in their wheelchairs. People who have autism always have the popular kids sticking to their side like glue, etc
divergentlove101 divergentlove101 Sep 20, 2016
That's smart. They have those?
                               I'm not deaf btw just asking