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All tremble at violence; all fear death. Pulling oneself in place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill. - The Buddha

All of the lost lambs of this world gather around. The meek, the strong, the rich, and the poor. All of you wayward souls there is a place for you. The path to enlightenment is within your fingertips. Join the flock and have eternal happiness. 

Bodies are being found in the Mojave Desert. A serial killer known only as The Prophet has been leaving his handy work around for the last twenty years. Special Agent Hendrix Nixon is determined to bring an end to the Prophet's legacy.

Nixon will have to unravel an age-old mystery. As he hunts for clues and chase shadows the body count rises by the minute. Hendrix will have to dive deeper into a world of faith, politics, and murder. Only to discover the truth is close to home. 

Give yourself over to righteousness. The path to enlightenment lies ahead.

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- - Jul 19
I don't know about that. I think the world is very beautiful but the people are what make it bad. That's just my opinion
AllyCat- AllyCat- Jan 27
I'm ready for the amount of quotes that are going to be in my library
hakugiin hakugiin Jun 11, 2016
Another cutie developing into Light Yagami. 
                              I think I have a type.
AllyCat- AllyCat- Jan 27
Sometimes the question isn't why, but, what. What caused us to be born in such a messed up world.
Phoenix__Grey Phoenix__Grey Jul 10, 2016
I already like this! The characters personality is attractive and struggles with the real world are relatable.
KanataSayori97 KanataSayori97 Jul 15, 2016
You're not suppose to make me emotional, especially when we don't become Best Friends and create a connection yet @A_Muse