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The New Kid (Septiplier Fanfic)(Completed)

The New Kid (Septiplier Fanfic)(Completed)

79.1K Reads 3.5K Votes 25 Part Story
Jordan By septiplier_ Completed

Sean is the new transfer student form Ireland. He is a very shy and nerdy teenager. Until he meets the punk Mark Edward Fishbac. Mark ends up bullying Sean and makes him feel worse about him self. Do you think they will ever become friend or stay like this all through high school. Find out in reading my story the new kid

jai905 jai905 Jul 23, 2016
                              It's McLoughlin
                              NOT LAUGH
                              LAUGH is a thing you do when you find something funny.
                              Sorry had to get that out.
a_fangirl_mess a_fangirl_mess Jun 10, 2016
Interesting, I never thought Mark would go punk. PS does Jack have green hair.
swiftstar89 swiftstar89 Aug 01, 2016
1. Mark STOP BEING MEAN!!! and 2. Get the F away from Jack, Amber or I will kill you. Got it?
Thatonepothead1313 Thatonepothead1313 Mar 11, 2016
Yeah I would like if you write this story it seems interesting
all_about_jackaboy all_about_jackaboy Aug 19, 2016
Why does jack always have to be bullied in every septiplier fanfic like for real
PastelBlueberryTaozi PastelBlueberryTaozi Jul 24, 2016
Isn't Rhett's last name McLaughlin? From Good Mythical Morning.