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How I got Pregnant.... And REJECTED!! #Wattys2014

How I got Pregnant.... And REJECTED!! #Wattys2014

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Heaven Moore By halohebby Completed

Adalaid Wolfe has had her whole life planned out for her since the day she first became able to transform. And as the Alpha's daughter, she has absolutely no space to mess up!! And in order to keep her strict father happy, she made straight A's so her father would never feel disappointed, she did extracurricular activities so he would have trophies to show off, and she always painted inside the lines to the best of her abilities.

But this 'Daddy's little Pup' is about to get more then a just a reality check!!

She begs and pleads for her father to give her one night of freedom on her 16th birthday, just one little night!! But who knew that one night would change Adalaid's plans more than she ever expected?

She finds her mate, but he isn't the picture perfect boy she thought he would be...

Matter fact.. he's so far from it he rapes Adalaid in the back room of a party, and the next morning she wake's up to find she's left with nothing but his faint scent and a small surprise!!

Adalaid is forced to make some of the hardest decisions she's ever faced as her life swerves from the path that was so beautifully painted for her. Will daddy accept his daughter for what she is about to become or will he change his mind and form a new opinion about his little pup?

Read and find out!!!

©Copyrighted By halohebby 2013

(This story contains foul language, sexual scenes, alcohol, and fight scenes. Reader discretion is advised!!)

Sara_foooer2 Sara_foooer2 Nov 23, 2016
he is like my father my daughter must be a good girl my daughter is beautiful but he didn't know when I'm out I'm really good fighter and I'm nad girl😂
xXlocaltrashcanXx xXlocaltrashcanXx Sep 05, 2014
Wow first chap and I am all ready ready to hunt him down to the edge of the earth
WolfGod650 WolfGod650 Aug 29, 2014
CAAAAN  IIIIIIII KIIIIILLLLLLLL HHHHIIIIIMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RanCap27 RanCap27 Jun 07, 2014
That is brutal. What a first encounter ya'll? But that makes it interesting! Haha XD
TrishaMcKee1 TrishaMcKee1 May 01, 2014
i hate him for being a jerk but still want him to be with her because hes her mate... so .... ugh!!!
halohebby halohebby Jul 23, 2013
@wolves_luver101 Some boys can be like that and thank you I tried my best to find it :)