Shades of Darkness (Sakura Haruno Fanfic)

Shades of Darkness (Sakura Haruno Fanfic)

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Formally known as strong. Sakura was called weak before Naruto and Sasuke left. Everyone left her. The two come back and one starts hell while the other tries to be friends. What happens when Itachi joins the story.


In this story Sakura has a tailed beast but you have to read the story to know what happens next. 

Sneak peak...

Konoha's Cherry blossom.

That was the name that young Sakura Haruno got for her bright pink bubble gum hair and sparkling green eyes. The young girl with a bubbling personality and cared for everyone equality and loved everyone.

5 years has passed since Naruto and Sasuke left and named her the weakest of the rookie 9. During those 5 years Sakura Haruno the young 17 year old trained everyday with all of the sensei's gaining strength with Lady Tsunade and great medical techniques. Genjutsu, Taijutsu and ninjutsu from other teachers. On the 4th year they were gone she made it into the Anbu. After that she got a new name.

Konoha's Black cherry blossom.


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Hardcore_Otaku0000 Hardcore_Otaku0000 Nov 12, 2017
Yuna reminds me of the Character in SAO Ordinal Scale. She buffs everyone's strenght and have health regeneration ability. Lol