The Prince and His Slave

The Prince and His Slave

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Thannujah Mathiy By luckycharms Completed

Arius is the Prince of Egypt, the future Pharaoh. Everyone knows how great of a young man he is and he is respected by all of Egypt.  However, he hates his father and because of this, his trip to becoming the next Pharaoh becomes a hundred times more difficult.

Chione is a slave that works at the Pharaoh's palace. She has nothing, except for a loving grandfather who she was sadly separated from. But there is only one thing she wants, and that is to get back at the Pharaoh for killing her family.

It doesn't take too long for these two people’s lives to come together, and when they do, it doesn't take them too long to realize that they are breaking Egyptian laws and putting both their lives at risk. 

It is a forbidden love that could never last...
For he is the Prince and she is merely his Slave.

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Already read"princess and the thief" and trust me you will do the same to your daughter
EliLelie EliLelie Oct 12, 2016
He just want his child to fear him, so he could have all the authority abd control over his child. What a kind father of you Great Pharaoh. *note the sarcasm*
OliviaFallyn OliviaFallyn Jul 25, 2016
I though he was 16. 7 years ago his mom died when he was 9. Should be 16?
EliLelie EliLelie Oct 12, 2016
A personality of a prince. It's usually true, he's superior afterall.
EliLelie EliLelie Oct 12, 2016
He said he's seventeen, he's 4 years older than his brother. that really makes him sixteen.
OliviaFallyn OliviaFallyn Jul 25, 2016
I can't believe you were only thirteen when you started writing this. It's so good!