His Block (#Wattys2016)

His Block (#Wattys2016)

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InkD_Roses By InkD_Roses Updated 4 days ago

What if the love of your life only stood across the street from you? What would you do? Cross the street or wait for them to do so?

 Would you guys both make the attempt or let the busy streets wash past you guys and blind your eyes of the future you guys can have?  

Let the honking block your ears of the expression of love that could be once heard. 

Let the cars, trucks and buses block the views of the pumping hearts that hold value to you both. 

Let the bystanders get through you both erasing every memory you guys once accumulated. 

What would you do as you stand on his block?

Pumpkinz Pumpkinz Nov 28
Why??Maybe that's why I liked Malcolm when it first started...
PE is alright to me,last year I hated it because of the teacher I had
I don't care if you're supporting black rights but spitting in anyone's face is disgusting and highly disrespectful. There are better ways to go about that situation.
Jhenea seems to be strong and healthy to me. No sign of abuse or anything out of the ordinary so please explain what the issue is old lady??? 😐