His Block |#Wattys2017|EDITING|

His Block |#Wattys2017|EDITING|

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What if the love of your life only stood across the street from you? What would you do? Cross the street or wait for them to do so?

 Would you guys both make the attempt or let the busy streets wash past you guys and blind your eyes of the future you guys can have?  

Let the honking block your ears of the expression of love that could be once heard. 

Let the cars, trucks and buses block the views of the pumping hearts that hold value to you both. 

Let the bystanders get through you both erasing every memory you guys once accumulated. 

What would you do as you stand on his block?

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-pettyson -pettyson Nov 08
I’ve never taken gym a year in my high school life😂🙃 I hate that class so much
-pettyson -pettyson Nov 08
That doesn’t even make sense, now she’s just being extra because if the judge awarded them custody there’s nothing left for you to do. I have two adopted siblings and a social worker has never randomly showed up at my house like wtf is she on?
-pettyson -pettyson Nov 08
No all you proved is people often confuse love with other words, addiction, lust, greed, desire. Just because you think you’re in love with someone or something doesn’t mean you are🤷🏽‍♀️
-pettyson -pettyson Nov 08
What’s cute about dating someone who lacks manner and possibly ambition?
maliyaha maliyaha Oct 11
Mr. Johnson better stop playing before he end up with a real one
eri_d96 eri_d96 Oct 30
I know that has to be annoying. The social working nagging while she’s in good hands. But I bet you if she was actually in harms way that lady would be clueless asf.