Ellie's Territory

Ellie's Territory

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I think it's safe to say, this is Ellie's territory. Beware, if you can't handle the crazy or randomcity, this place isn't for you. Haha.

Presents for her/Stories she helped with.

EllieLovexx@hotmail.co.uk says
Sam's going to be soooo mad at us. Again. xD
K. says
No he woonnn't

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SmileMyLove SmileMyLove Feb 15, 2011
                              They were things she said!
                              All the funny to her.
                              PSH. You compliment me too much. xD
                              That would be a good idea.
                              Anna is an awesome person so.
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Feb 15, 2011
(O_o) Agree...I should know them better before reading this hahaha...but this story is good! 
                              (^o^) keep it up!
X_xBrandix_X X_xBrandix_X Nov 21, 2010
Wow, this just made me think of THE GAME....ZUT! I just lost THE GAME.(zut means darn or dang in French)....If anyone reads this and knows what THE GAME is, you just lost haha
CandyStash CandyStash Nov 19, 2010
Ya, she stalked me too.
                              She's stalking me and I'm stalking her xD
                              Good times.
                              I really liked this though! It's awesome and true :)
Shmael Shmael Nov 19, 2010
                              SHE STALKED MEEEEEEEEE D: