DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Preferences and Imagines!

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Preferences and Imagines!

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Cover made by ReverseVibe!

                              Silly,but smart
                              Long dirty blonde hair,light skin,hazel eyes,wears glasses,and is 5'5
                              To have been sent to 1960 and me and Raymond pretend to be married and we end up actually falling in love
svshibe svshibe Jun 10
Name: Ella
                              Personality: awkward, clumsy, funny, makes puns 24/7, can be sarcastic, goofball
                              Guy you want: Rat please aaah
                              What you want to happen: I don't mind! Something cute isn, set on the wave rider
                              Mood: cute/fluff
                              Aaah TY!
TaraMullis TaraMullis Jun 24
Can you do it where the purpose to the reader and the reader gets pregnant and tells them
Tamiya or y/n 
                              sweet, caring, worries alot,happy
                              shaved half of hair with short-long hair on the left,wear (up to you!)
                              captain cold (man this sucks i forgot his name)
                              tamiya (or Y/N) sacrificing her self to save him and confessing love (if that's fine)
what the legends do or what's there reaction when you get kidnapped. That is my request
Name: Sophia 
                              Personality: Sweet Caring but can kick butt when need to.
                              Guy you want: Rip
                              What you want to happen: Rip tries to recruit  me for his team. But I keeps saying no and he keeps trying.
                              Mood: A little tense
                               Please and Thank you