The Nerdy Photographer {Phan}

The Nerdy Photographer {Phan}

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Alex By acidiclester Updated Apr 14

Dan is a 18 year old in university. He is studying law. He hates it, but he still tries. 
With all the other core subjects that he has to study on top of that, Dan still doesn't
mind it all. 
Adding onto his 'nerdy' personality, he is also a pastel lover. He would chose a pastel pink
sweater, over a cool rock t-shirt any day. He also loves aesthetic features in nature. This is why
he likes to capture it. He is also into photography, but this is his secret get away.
When he isn't sat with his head in a text book studying, he is out with his camera, taking
pictures. He will take a picture of the sky when is is tinted red and orange, and then take that
home to edit. 
He keeps this a secret, and posts all of his works on a tumblr page, that none of his friends
have found out about, yet. 

Phil Lester is a 19 year old punk. Adding onto that he is also the university bad boy. He always likes to tease Dan about his looks, and personality. Calling him a nerd or a geek whenever he can. He doesn't  hate Dan, he just doesn't exactly like him. He is jealous of him. He envy's him too. The fact that he is so smart, and beautiful. That he can pull off the pretty boy pastel look. 
Phil has tattoos and piercings, and wears a lot of black clothes most of the time. Some times
wearing dark red and black plaid. That is the most colour he will wear.

So what will happen when Dan takes an accidental picture, that Phil happens to accidentally star in,
and find out about...?

* * *

This Phanfiction, starts off as just Dan's pov, then I might make it Dan and Phil's POV's.
If there are any TW's i will announce that at the beginning of the chapter, then make a summary at the beginning of the next chapter what happened, if you don't want to read the detailed chapter.

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omg same. people tell me i'm rude because i dont thank them but that's just bc i don't get compliments much and idk what to do lol
This is the best line I have ever read, and no one can tell me otherwise
lol my room is pink and purple because we moved in when i was 4
Okay it's probably supposed to be a YouTuber but I thought of Ryan Ross
I keep thinking DAN should be the goth, he's the depressing one, and Phil should be the pastel,because he's the positive one.
Same. I've tried to compliment someone back and it came out like "Your face looks nice." I stopped after that.