The Planet Stealers

The Planet Stealers

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T. J. P.   CAMPBELL By tjpcampbell Updated Jan 17, 2018

A Dark Energy filtrated atomic global strike has left the Earth almost completely devoid of all living creatures but left all the buildings undamaged. But who was really behind the strike and what will ensue? Bill Thompson had a miraculous escape and we follow his efforts to find survivors and discover the truth behind the devastating global strike.

The Planet Stealers an INCOMPLETE xxx,000 word sci-fi dystopian novel by T. J. P. Campbell divided into xx chapters. It is a proof-read pre-published version with good grammar and punctuation.

The published version has a style improvement. Amazon at present does not allow the published versions to be read on other publishing systems. Minimal images included for speed of reading on phones and laptops.

Soon to be published in 2020. This novel is completely original.

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