The Alpha Chose Me

The Alpha Chose Me

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dewiis By dewiis Updated Nov 11, 2016

Lydia and her family just joined the Dark Shadow pack. Her parents and siblings can shift into beautiful leopards, sadly she does not have this gene. Not being able to shift Lydia begins to believe that she doesn't have a mate. 

Only if she knew that she was wanted, wanted for her curves, personality, intelligence, and as the Luna....

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Ewww, her mom. This is messed up. She should've said, "And if I do manage to get accepted make sure to keep your legs closed this time because we all know that Camp Kate is always open! 😁" 😂😂😂😂😂
HkmymyHK123 HkmymyHK123 Sep 02
Am I the only one that always reads leopards, leo-pards instead of saying it normally
Can you please have several seats? Ughhh I don't like Lucy 😒
GiaDureja GiaDureja Aug 05, 2016
Thats different. I was getting tired of werewolves. I love them but still...
CloverKingston CloverKingston Jun 26, 2016
Why is it the dad always loves the big girls more than the mom.
EmpressesGold EmpressesGold Jul 23, 2016
See them girls in her family about to catch a case, she a good one I swear.