Inhaling Madness {BoyxBoy}

Inhaling Madness {BoyxBoy}

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♛The 1975♛ By andiwinagain Updated Oct 29


Stalking, sexting or blatantly fucking can lead towards such dark romance that can only fulfil a man's craving desire. 

This is a one-shots book which is going to be filled with several different types of categories like romance and supernatural & requests are more than taken..

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{WARNING: Contains vivid boyxboy actions along with dark themes and brutal violence and a great deal of dark and cheesy romance!}

Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Nov 05
Umm... No balls for that... You already scared me out of them... (Jkjk, but I would never copy another person's work. Besides, even if I tried, it would probably end up way worse than the original...)
Having  sex with an unconscious person is called rape. So yeah, not cool.
Snowyoogi Snowyoogi Mar 07
Oh hem gee...I gonna screen shot this and post it to facebook^^
- - May 16
OMG I read it as "a dead body" and I was like WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY
Snowyoogi Snowyoogi Mar 07
I wish I live in your character's world that when the seme corner's the uke..I'll be on the sideline and just grin and bring a lot of wipes for them nosebleeds
Sakuraoi Sakuraoi Apr 18
Hey, could you make a next part of this ? Like, I don't know, the stranger could find him again and do him again :D ? Because it's the second time I read this and I really want to know what happens after this *^* !