He Who Stole My First Kiss {OHSHC}

He Who Stole My First Kiss {OHSHC}

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I never thought of meeting someone older than me that was almost the same height as I have.
But wait. He is an inch taller.
"Eh? You're thinking about me Hachiko?"
I blushed.
"Shut up."

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Ah_nime Ah_nime Sep 26
She is the only one that has positive attitude to bullies....
Is this what I think it is...?
                              Ah, who cares? I'm'a fangirl anyway.
                              MITTY~~! HARU~! KYAAA TONARI NO KAIBUTSU-KUUUUUN
illumaenate illumaenate Oct 07
OMGGGG SO CUTEEE😍😍 My Little Monster❤️❤️❤️❤️
I just realized...
                              Hachi(depending B on which kanji) = 8 = SYMMETRY
I read it as 'Sachiko-sama' and I was freaking out 'cos Corpse Party then I reread.