Until there's nothing left of me

Until there's nothing left of me

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シーラ (Shīra) By thereaper1927 Updated May 07, 2016

In a desperate attempt to dodge a six months meeting-

Natsu Dragneel, ruler of the northern kingdom, decided to take a vacation.

He has never set foot out of his own territory and decided that it's the best time to go on an adventure.

He only knows a few things about his world and it's mysteries.

So, he embarks on a journey where he'll meet different kinds of people or creatures he didn't even know that existed.

Animefan015 Animefan015 Jun 05
Always zoning out during lectures 
                              Trying to pay attention more and staying awake (Soooooo Hard)
I-Is there lemons in this? If so I don't want to read... I'm in school right now.
inks1110402181513257 inks1110402181513257 May 11, 2016
No comments yet surprising oh author-chan do your best and take your time i will always be with you
CelestialQueen_ CelestialQueen_ Nov 28, 2016
Wow Erza got that 🎶fire in her soul 🎶(see what i did there)
Fairy_Titan Fairy_Titan Aug 26, 2016
Thats wired natsu.... thats really freakin wierd... so u basically just go to meetings to spy on her?... wirdo
ROAR_meow ROAR_meow Jul 30, 2016
Why the F*** you gotta add Lisanna to this beautiful story?!?!?👿👿👿👿