security [yoonseok]

security [yoonseok]

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in which a security guard is to throw out a crazy fanboy.

[yoonseok fanfic (securityguard!yoongi fanboy!hoseok)]

//book 1 of "hoseokasf's bangtan ships series//

officially started; 160715
ended; 160824

I just made the biggest "pfft" I have ever made and it's four in the morning
-hydrojin -hydrojin Jul 17
fAM this better not ruin my life lol who am I kidding it will
SaimaJahan2 SaimaJahan2 Oct 16
Bro I Fuckiin love YOONSEOK and I live for that ship...well one of the things I live for
min_yoongay min_yoongay Sep 14
Like a ruler, YA know, the ones that bend so you can fit them in your pencil case